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PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
by one technologist that I was one of the top five engineers he worked with in his 25
years in the industry. The valley was changing though, and it was time for me to move

I took a couple of years off to pursue personal interests, like learning to fly, spending
time with family, and experiencing what it was like to not work 60 and 70 hour work
weeks. After a couple of years I decided to get down to business and began to work
toward my PhD in psychology. It turns out, after much reflection, I found greater
pleasure in connecting with people than connecting circuits. After finishing the required
prerequisites at Cal State Hayward, I was accepted into the PhD program at the
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology (ITP) in Palo Alto, California. Currently I am
two years of study away from my PhD. After a three year leave of absence to work on
my own process, I will be returning to finish my PhD with an emphasis in education, life
coaching, and spiritual guidance. I am like the technical expert for your mind.

Transpersonal Psychology is an outgrowth of the Humanistic Psychology movement
that started to take hold in the 1960s. The difference is that transpersonal psychology
includes the study of spirituality as an important part of the human condition. As a
result of this significant addition to the humanistic orientation toward positive
psychology, Transpersonal psychology includes many somatic techniques to aid in
mind-body integration. During my time at ITP, I have also completed Psychodrama
training under the tutelage of noted expert Dr. Harris Clemes who has taught the
subject for 35 years.

After severals years of study, I experienced my own transcendent process that has
been life changing. This experience is what gives me the ability to help others on a
deeper level. With a significant hard sciences background applied to behavioral
science, the study of philosophy, and the knowledge of a variety of therapeutic
interventions, I entered into a process of introspection that has taken 2 1/2 years to
navigate my way through. It is a psychological event, considered by many, to be the
rarest and oldest in recorded history. This experience has been called by many names
such as,
enlightenment, awakening, self-actualization, and self-realization. It brings to a
person a greater sense of
self-awareness through finding the center of being, which is a
place of no description, yet is something in nothing.

I have been touched by infinite love. The kind of work I do, which is help people with
deeper meanings of self, is only possible for someone who has already traveled the
path. My life's purpose has become to communicate this knowledge to others. My
work is for those who wish to find a path to purpose in life, greater personal
satisfaction, and the ability to understand how current actions relate to achieving goals
into the future. It is a place where each of us exist only in possibility; infinite possibility!
To make choices from this center is more satisfying than any words can convey. I do
not promise the ultimate to anyone; however, I promise that even small steps will be
enormously satisfying and life changing!

I offer a variety of approaches tailored to each individual, spiritual or not, that cover
philosophy, psychology, and the physiological workings of the mind, as it pertains to
perception and self-perception. The site is called present focus because it is where
decisions are made that affect the future based on past experience.

I am also writing a book based on my experience of self awareness, which I am
looking to publish in early 2012. On this site I will be including several articles ranging
from scholarly to poetry in order to illustrate my philosophy of personal guidance to
help those who are not in a position to establish a personal relationship for guidance
with me and those who want to enhance the time we spend together.
The only constant in life is change
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The Future is
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I started my working life as an electrical
engineer in Silicon Valley California, doing
hardware design for Lockheed Missiles and
Space Company in 1985.  I retired from the
electronics industry in 2001 after being
involved in one of the largest purchases in
Silicon Valley history. I had become an
expert in electronic design and had the
privilege of working with some of the
industry's greatest talents. I myself was told