The more fully developed the intuitive sense, the more connected a person is to their
purpose in action and the consequences regarding any action taken. This site teaches
how to honor life's purpose, however it is defined. This collection of articles will be
updated continuously as I write about purpose in life, relationships, and what being
happy means from an individual point of view. I believe the mystical aspect of our lives
is personal and internal, having no conflict with objective post-positivist scientific
thought. The idea is that we learn how to live, organize, and be happy through
experience, which shapes the structure of our brain. The goal is to live each day as if the
previous day did not exist and promise of tomorrow is unknown. It is a present focused
existence that opens up the future.
Discussion, properly
referenced, of concepts
developed in psychology
and philosophy
An examination of
important topics with
grounding in current
philosophical thought.
Presentation of concepts
that are not easy to put
into words.
Specific discussion on
issues surrounding the
respect and celebration of
Breaking down what it
means from both a
subjective and objective
point of view.
Analysis of events,
discussions, and issues of
the day.
PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
The only constant in life is change
A discussion of
Mind/Body integration
and various methods
A presentation of
different theories of
learning and human
The Past is
The Future is
Make Change
in the
to know your
Articles describing my
own personal
transcendent process are
presented here.
Discussions related to
application of mind/body