Mind-Body Integration
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Tai Chi. Discussion of this ancient art and a method for mind-body integration.

Aikido. This article will cover the martial art of Aikido, which is a practice of balance
and movement, where the basis of the art is to blend with your opponent. I have
learned from the highest ranked westerner in the world and he was a student of the
founder. Ultimately, this will become a collection of several articles.

Yoga. Yoga is a several thousand year old tradition and is so much more than an
exercise program as it is treated by so many people. I will discuss some history and
how to approach this art for a deeper self-understanding.
In this article I discuss the history of modern dance and how movement became its
own specialized field for therapy and self-realization. I look at various types of dance
and how they lead to greater mind-body integration. The paper discusses how dance
transformed 150 years ago, and the major players in this transformation, from Irmgard
Bartineiff, to Laban, to Mary Whitehouse and others. The type of dance I will be
discuss has its roots in African transcendence and the cathartic experience of Greek
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