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The only constant in life is change
Articles coming in the near future
The Soldier. This is the story of my healing from the split that occurred so long ago in
Marine Corps boot camp.

A Conversation with God. This is my story of integration a month after suffering a
split as a result of discovering a betrayal of the mind through understanding my
experience in the story of The Lathe.

There are many more stories to follow; however, I will not list them individually until I
organize my process into a sequence. As I organize the pieces, I will list the stories I
plan on writing about.
This event is what marks my entry into a process of transcendence. It is a story of
betrayal of the mind. From the moment I discovered this betrayal, I became two --
that which I was and that which my mind had constructed. At first it seemed like a new
beginning, until I discovered this betrayal had permeated all of my structures. Within a
week, all of my structures began to crumble one by one. It was a devastating
experience that required more courage than ever before.
This is the story of a Marine Corps Boot Camp experience that left me less that myself
for three decades. The story of my recovery from this event is what prepared me to
ask about my sister about the lathe. I have purposely written this article in a way that is
less engaging than other articles on this site. My purpose in doing this is so the reader is
not drawn into the experience, but is engaged on a more intellectual level than an
emotional level.
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