PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
The Story of Self.  The question answered is where does our self perception come
from, what is it composed of, and how does it serve us. This article will discuss the
interrelation between personality, experience, physiology, and physiological

Perspective. The concept of perspective will be developed with respect to what any
single individual can understand when examining an issue. The concept will be further
refined through looking at how communication is affected by the number of participants
and how this can be use to develop a more complete perspective. I define eight
different perspectives, which starts with two modes of experiencing the world. They
are intellectual and feeling. Then there are both assertive and passive expressions, and
with both male and female orientations, we have eight perspectives. I look at ways to
combine these perspectives into what I call "maybe" units, which have a gender bias.
Each of these eleven person "maybe" units can be combined into larger perspective
blocks, depending on the question.

Truth. This article will explore truth, which turns out to be more complicated than
would be first thought. There are actually two truths in any given situation. There is the
unmediated or subjective internal truth and the mediated external or objective truth.
The two are not the same and it is the translation between the two truths that
comments on how connected a person feels in the world.

Attention. Attention is the act of focus, which has the property of ignoring or limiting
awareness. It will be a fascinating read to see how the brain works with awareness and

Purpose. Purpose is a complex topic in that each person has a variety of different
purposes, depending on the scope of the activity. The discussion will center on defining
purpose and proposing a model that interconnects purpose.

Responsibility. The concept of how to take responsibility for past actions within the
context of an ever changing self-understanding.

Good and Evil. This topic will be discussed at its base level as it relates to equality
between people. A thorough examination of this topic does not depend on any
philosophical or spiritual tradition.
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