This piece is about a man approaching a woman in a way that respects her person and
without promise from his. Words are an expression of intent to act, where the context
may not be clear between one person and another.

It is written in the style of dialog which was widely used by Plato to communicate
philosophical thoughts.
This piece explores friendship as "a love that keeps on giving". Essentially this kind of
relationship is non-exclusive and must be maintained on a regular basis to keep it
going. Each interaction adds to a history that changes the dynamic between two
people. The dynamic is also affected by the other relationships each individual engages
in throughout the history of the friendship. A reason put forth for the value in a
friendship is how each person learns about themselves at a deeper level as the
friendship becomes more intimate.
This piece explores the interest generated in a relationship that is exclusive. It discusses
the deeper meaning behind an interest in a partnership where love is expressed in the
context of a physical interaction.
PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
The only constant in life is change
This poem is about expression of love within. It is about no woman and every woman.
It is about love within represented into the world without reason or desire.
This poem is about expression of love between a father and his daughter. I wrote it for
my daughter to express the feelings I felt for her as she was fast approaching
The Past is
The Future is
Make Change
in the
to know your