PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
The only constant in life is change
Love. Throughout history, many people have written about love. Yet, few can put
forth a comprehensive explanation. Love is not an emotion, it is the only absolute in the
universe. Consider that happiness is understood in contrast to sadness. Love needs no
such contrast. Love is also a relational experience.

Apology. This article discuss what a true apology is that transcends the common use
of the word. A true apology lasts forever through redefining how a person understands
their behavior and showing a different behavior moving forward.

Intimate Relationships. This article explores the intricacies of intimate relationships
by looking at a relationship as a motor, which can give significant insight into how to
keep everything running smoothly. What drives this motor is passion acting as the
voltage and love acting as current. If the motor is broke, no amount of love and
passion will make it run, let alone run smoothly.

Mother, Father, and Child. A model for the relationship between a child and its
parents is explored using an amplifier as a model for a child, with the parents as the
control circuitry. It turns out that this simple electrical model provides great insight into
individual responsibility in raising a child. This gives insight into the deeper nature of
love and the broader family. I have successfully used this model to solve an attachment
problem between mother and son.

Using "I" Language. Good communication in a relationship is critically important to
success and happiness. I will discuss the philosophical and psychological difference
between using "I" and "You" during the course of discussion.
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