PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
Articles coming in the near future
Model of the Human Psyche and Development. This paper will propose a new
model based on integration of existing theory. It represents my own work on
communication which breaks a person's internal sense into the concept of "locus of
control" and external expression into literal or metaphoric. I integrate the
psychosynthesis model of the human psyche and the
psychosynthesis human
development model into my communication model. It is ground breaking because the
two psychosynthesis models have never been integrated with each other and the result
creates a structure that fits all existing psychological theory within it, without changing
the relationship between theories.

A New Look at Philosophy. Invariably, no matter how carefully thought out an
action is, the results pertaining to that action are indeterminate; however, every action
taken with purpose is deterministic in its application according to a desired result.
Fundamentally, each of us has experienced a circumstance where events did not turn
out as planned. In many cases, the level of importance attached to results is high. The
question I answer in this philosophy is how to navigate in a world where the results of
action are random in nature. This is the first philosophy that takes concepts from static
theories of philosophy and creates a philosophy based on action. The underlying
context for any purposeful action is rooted in a static philosophy.

I use concepts from Albert Whitehead's Process Theory, Fuzzy Logic, my own work
on perspective, and manufacturing process technology, to create a philosophy that
values action; while assigning no value to potential because it is a static quantity,
therefore unrealized. This is a significant departure from how value is assigned into the
world today.
The only constant in life is change
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