PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
The only constant in life is change
This article creates an analogy between progression along the spiritual path to building
an arch. It turns out that there are many parallels which help provide insight into a
spiritual search, which creates understanding where words are often inadequate. As
with any analogy, it provides insight while not exactly describing all of the details.
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All-Knowing. What does the concept of all-knowing really mean. Frequently you
hear people who say there is no all-knowing if we have freewill. This article treats
the concept of all-knowing as context and not content, therefore all-knowing
becomes an enduring context for all time. Only one thing has endured always before
and will always after as an absolute, and that is love.

Awareness. This topic appears under the spiritual section because it deals with
subject that words are frequently inadequate to fully address. The concept will be
discussed with respect to how the brain processes and learns new information and
how previous experience affects what an individual becomes aware of. A key
concept is understanding that we have no sensation without a corresponding motor

Delusions. Many spiritual disciplines discuss the concept of life as an illusion until
the person transcends experience to find their true self. This article will dig into the
deeper details of this concept, which has mostly become a mantra without any real

Expectation. Expectation is a tricky topic. In the pursuit of goals, taking actions
with a specific desired outcome is common and reasonable. The problem comes
from the potential to ignore alternate responses in favor of the desired response. It is
a persons acceptance of the outcome that controls the negative aspects of living in a
world of expectation.

Enlightenment. Enlightenment is spiritual transcendence and has to be one of the
most misunderstood topics there is. This article explores the concept from a
philosophical, psychological, physiological, and spiritual perspective. First and
foremost, aside from the highly mystical nature of the experience, enlightenment is a
psychological event. This in no way takes away from the magical nature of the

Acceptance. Acceptance of what happens into the future, despite the desired
result, is what controls expectation and allows awareness of present choices. To not
do this is to invite delusions into the present, which will limit choices.

Equality. This discussion will examine equality from the most basic of perspectives.
There is great confusion about what definition of equality is and why it is important
for human existence. Certainly one person is not equal to another, yet it is possible
to find equality between people.
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