Classes & Lectures
If you would like to host one of my classes, please contact me to schedule any of the
classes that are currently available. If you are interested in hosting a class that has not
been developed, I will develop this class for your organization and only require a little
more lead-time in my schedule.

Self Awareness and Yoga. Yoga is a 5000-yr-old tradition that is actually a
sophisticated spiritual tradition to aid in finding the center of your being through
integrating the mind with the body. This class will help organization the many
emotional and intellectual realizations that may result from your yoga practice.
Establishing Purpose in Life
Goal Realization
Problem Solving
This page will be updated as classes are developed.
Defined classes will have a link to the class content.
PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
The only constant in life is change
The Past is
The Future is
Make Change
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