Self-Awareness and Yoga - Course Content
PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
The only constant in life is change
A synopsis of this course can be seen by following this link.

The Body Feels Sensation (20 minutes).

  • Begin with discussion of body position and emotional expression
  • Class exercise adopting different body postures and facial expressions and
    resulting emotional experience. The class will then adopt different body postures
    and facial expressions and try to experience different emotions.
  • Discussion of how the body creates stability through representing an enduring
    emotional template. Give examples of how this works and why it might be useful
    and how it might slow personal growth.
  • Discussion of how yoga frees the body to adopt a more complete emotional
    template, which is more versatile.
  • Discussion of why this is true in relation to the structure of the brain. Lead into a
    discussion of how the brain receives and stores information.

What is Your Truth (20 minutes)?

  • Discussion of mediated and unmediated truths. Continue with a discussion of the
    connection between these two truths and their relation to each other.
  • Introduction of the concept of “the other” as a representation of the conflict
    between the two truths.
  • Discuss perception, focus, and awareness. Relate these topics with broadening
    perception through greater awareness. Discussion of how focus limits awareness
    and narrows attention, thereby reducing awareness.
  • Discussion of how the eyes deceive us and how the visual sense relates to
    perception and awareness.
  • How yoga helps improve awareness in the above context through making body
    sensations more adaptive to the present.

Emotion (20 minutes).

  • The basics of emotion as an adaptive strategy
  • Emotion, experience, and presence
  • The ever changing emotional template
  • Why emotional attachment to the past is a problem
  • How experience and emotional attachment defines self-perception.
  • How to start deconstructing emotion from experience and why this is useful.

Putting it all together (20 minutes).

  • How yoga is integral to realizing greater self-awareness and enhanced well-
  • How to cope with changing self-understanding and how it affects your world
  • How to let the details go and follow your intuition
  • How to use this new-found awareness in your daily life
  • Final Questions
The Past is
Make Change
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