PresentFocus "Explorations in Awareness"
Personal Guidance. I am available on an out-call basis in the greater San
Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento area, and Southern California. I will also
perform guidance services over the phone or with Skype, however I find a
personal meeting useful to get started, although sometimes that is not practical.
My fees are: $125 per hour. I have a sliding scale for students and those who
are financially challenged. Those who schedule with me weekly have the option
of calling or emailing me in between sessions at no additional charge. Phone:
(949) 433-2842 Email:
Any article published on this website is free for personal use. The written
material on this site is designed to enhance each person's effort toward greater
self awareness, which contributes to enhanced life satisfaction.
I will edit any material on this site for publication in a way that conforms to the
requirements of the publications needs, such as length and readership focus,
while maintaining the integrity of the material. The fee for this service will
conform to standard rates and be negotiated on a case by case basis.
I will lecture on any of the concepts in this website tailored to the requesting
group and the time allotted. My fee will be negotiated on a case my case basis.
In the future I will offer 4 and 8 session classes, as well as lectures, on many of
the concepts developed in this website. The classes will be limited in size and
offered at a nominal price per class.
Future plans for this website include a discussion forum where questions and ideas can
be shared concerning the material published in this website. Currently, I have about 40
articles that will be added over the coming months as I finish editing them for
publication. Descriptions of the articles coming are included in the writings section. The
top article description will be the next in line. I have a continuous stream of ideas for
future articles that will be added each week as I decide which topics to tackle.

In addition, I will be writing up my analysis of current events and commenting on the
ethical issues of the day.
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The Future is
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