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Welcome - You Have Found the Right Place

Before I begin, I offer a testimonial from one of the many people I have helped:

From time to time into each of our lives, there steps a magical person. Out of
nowhere, seemingly for no reason, a human being appears whose romance with
life is so beautiful and rare, so whimsical and holy that, without any effort at all,
he enchants us with his extraordinary gift for living.

Such people are life's magicians, purveyors of joy, and imaginer's of the
uncommon. They stir our pots and ruffle our feathers. They paste twinkling stars
on the dark night sky of life's drab dailiness. Living by magic, they let us
recapture the magic in ourselves. Knowing that love is the only real magic there
is, they invite us again - with their words, with their ways, with their dreams,
with their faith - to believe in the magical power of LOVE. --

This work is about creating connection with others and ultimately helping them connect
with themselves in a meaningful way. It is more of a calling than a business. Connecting
with others and helping them find their inner beauty is my passion in life. Please take
the few minutes required to read this page; it may change your life!

The first questions many people have about
life-coaching or spiritual guidance is, "what
is it and would this be something for me"? Even though there are many approaches to
guidance, the basics are the same. Before answering these questions, a little
background information is in order.

The human mind is one of the most complex structures there is. Think of the brain like
a computer and the mind as the software running on the computer. Your body
provides sensations into this complex from the outside world, and your mind provides
feedback into itself in the form of thoughts. You are essentially a dynamic self-
modifying machine that changes with every thought and experience. If that is not
enough, each of us are unique in the structure of our mind in terms of our thoughts and
response to sensation. So what do we do if something is not right? Well, it depends on
what the problem is.

Since the brain is an electrochemical structure, physiological issues are the most serious
of all problems. While some chemical imbalances can be corrected through behavioral
change, the most serious of these imbalances requires the help of a
psychiatrist, who is
a medical doctor that can prescribe medication. The next in line is a
psychologist, who
is an expert in behavior and applies specific scientifically tested therapeutic
interventions to help correct problems. The vast majority of people do not need either
a psychiatrist or psychologist, but they still want to improve their lives in a way that
charts a clear course toward establishing and meeting goals. This is where life coaching
or spiritual guidance come in.

There are many established approaches to life coaching and a smaller number of
approaches to spiritual guidance. Although these approaches work for many people,
they are still systems that "plug" a person into a structure with the promise that you will
get what you want. My approach is very different in that I create a custom approach
based on each person's individual need. The reason I became a life coach is that after
studying for several years to become a clinical psychologist, I realized that there is a
fundamental problem with treating the symptom without respecting how the individual
developed the symptom. The field of psychology has begun to realize that no
intervention is as important as the
connection between the therapist and client.

By applying my skill in the area of life coaching and spiritual guidance, I am able to
step outside the problems of psychology and help an individual find what they are
looking for. I do not decide what a person needs, I listen to what a person wants and
tailor a program designed to meet those needs. If it were easy to figure it out, then I
would not be needed. Typically, helping a person meet their goals is an exercise in
addressing aspects of their life that are seemingly unrelated to the issue at hand. Just
like you may know what is wrong with your body and yet still see a doctor for the
definitive answer; you may know something is wrong with how your life is organized
and seek an expert opinion as to how to chart a different course.

I will help you find deeper meaning in daily life, which results in an enhanced sense of
self-satisfaction. To put it simply, I help establish purpose in your actions and teach
you new ways to understand your experiences. The great existential psychologist
Victor Frankl refers to finding purpose as fundamental in his approach to
psychotherapy, which he calls
logotherapy in his book "Man's Search for Meaning".
Frankl sees mental distress as caused by a lack of purpose in life, and that purpose
defines a reason to live. I also have this view that purpose is fundamental to a healthy

Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • Do you feel there is too much to do each day?
  • Do you lack energy to meet your commitments?
  • Do you feel disorganized or lack direction?
  • Do you find little time for yourself?
  • Do you have trouble meeting or defining goals?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions then life coaching may be for you.
Each of us has taken a complex path to the position we find ourselves in life and a
productive path forward requires an individual plan that starts with a few basics. The
service I offer is based on my training in a transpersonal psychology PhD program,
psychodrama training, and my own personal experience of self-realization. I have
found ways to avoid the pitfalls and frustration that are part of this work. True change
is a combination of changes in internal understanding, changes in how you interact with
your body, and changes in your environment.

In the last several thousand years many great people have addressed the problem of
self-realization, relationships, and life's direction. However, most of these works are
hidden in philosophical works, psychological theory, and spiritual texts. The language
can be specialized, difficult to understand, and may not seem to apply in today's world.
I have grounded many of these concepts in the current time and applied up-to-date
knowledge of psychology and the physiology of the brain in my work.

Please take some time and review the many features in this site. I have included several
articles on subjects that may be of interest and much more detail on my qualifications
and experiences that have led me to embark on a path of giving back to people.

I leave you with another testimonial before you start your journey through my website:

I see everything clearer…everything seems to have upgraded from a regular
vision to HD vision; the colors, the light and the beauty around me. I feel blessed
to have gone through whatever I have gone through. --

Happy reading!